Ignacio Milla becomes first international player on Med City FC roster

Ignacio Milla becomes first international player on Med City FC roster

About Ignacio
Med City FC announced today the signing of defender Ignacio Milla from Lyon College in Batesville, Arkansas. He comes to Med City FC with extensive experience after playing academy and collegiate soccer, as well as in the National Premier Soccer League.

Before coming to the United States, Milla played soccer for Southern Cross School in Santiago, Chile, and served as captain while playing for One Sports Chile. After graduating from high school, Milla enrolled at University of Memphis in Memphis, Tennessee, and then transferred to Lyon College. As a sophomore, Milla was named to the American Midwest Conference First Team, playing as a defender. Milla previously played for Nashville FC in Nashville, Tennessee during their final season in the NPSL.

Off the pitch, what do you like to do for fun?
“I spend most of my off time with my friends. At Lyon College, I live with six other Chileans so we have a nice little community. We spend a lot of time talking, listening to music or playing FIFA, which can get pretty intense!”

Why did you start playing soccer?
“I’ve been playing soccer all of my life. Back home, it is the most popular sport by far, so you are kind of born with a soccer ball at your feet. Both of my parents are soccer fans too, so I grew up in an environment where we watched soccer every weekend on TV, and went to different stadiums to watch live soccer.”

Where do you find your soccer inspiration?
“I’m a Universidad Catolica fan, which is a team from Chile. I like watching games for the soccer quality more than to root for a team. But, because I have a Spanish roommate, I’ve become fascinated with Atletico Madrid, with their style and how they fight until the end of every game. If I had to choose a role model it would be Sergio Ramos. He’s definitely a fighter and an ambitious guy. Besides, he has incredible quality as a player.”

What excites you the most about playing for Med City FC?
“It’s the environment. All that surrounds the club feels really professional and dedicated to make this organization an important fixture in U.S. soccer. Every person I’ve had the opportunity to talk to wants to make Med City FC successful.”

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