Med City FC announces the signing of three more players to the 2017 roster.

Med City FC announces the signing of three more players to the 2017 roster.

Ludvig Hordegard, from Jonkopin, Sweden, comes to us from the University of Northwestern Ohio in Lima, Ohio. During his freshman season he played as a holding central midfielder and experienced his team winning conference, the conference tournament and advancing to the NAIA National Championship.


James Halpin, from Liverpool, England, attends Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio, Texas, after transferring second semester of his sophomore year. He attended the University of Rio Grande in Ohio for his freshman and sophomore year. During James’ freshman year, his team won the NAIA National Championship and made it back to the finals in his sophomore season. Last summer, James played for Demize NPSL, which is part of the National Premier Soccer League and is located in Missouri.


Claudio Rivadeneira, from San Fernando, Chile, plays for Hannibal-LaGrange University in Hannibal, Missouri. Before coming to the U.S., he attend high school at Colegio Arrayanes in San Fernando, Chile. Claudio has played for Colchagua Club de Deportes, O’Higgins, and Placilla.


Off the pitch, what do you like to do for fun?

Ludvig: “I enjoy hanging out with friends, seeing new places and meeting new people. I also work out and practice a lot off the field.”

Why did you start playing soccer?
James: “I’ve been playing soccer all my life pretty much. Ever since I started walking I had a ball at my feet. All the videos from when I was little consist of me playing with a soccer ball in the house, street, garden and park. Even on the holiday videos, I would be kicking the soccer ball into the swimming pool over and over again.”

Who or which team do you find your soccer inspiration?
Claudio: “Placilla. This soccer team gave me a lot of different things. My coach, teammates and fans were awesome. Also, the level of the team was very good.”

What excites you the most about playing for Med City FC?
Ludvig: “It feels really exciting to be a part of this organization and play in the NPSL, and hopefully we can do well this year. But to play soccer and improve my game here is the most exciting thing.”

James: “I’m looking forward to making a bond with the players, coaches and staff at Med City FC that will hopefully lead to a successful season. From what I’ve heard from the coaches, there’s a high standard of players coming in so I can’t wait to start training and playing.”

Claudio: “I’m really excited to play on Med City FC because it feels like a professional team, with a great desire to form a good team with intentions to win.”

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