Med City FC announces three more player signings!

We are excited to announce the following players to the 2017 roster.

Jonathan (Jonny) Loera, from Rochester, Minnesota, graduated from Mayo High School in 2016. As a senior, Jonny served as captain and led his team to the Minnesota State High School Boys’ Soccer Tournament. He was a Class AA First Team selection and Region 2 Soccer Athlete. Jonny has played for Rochester Youth Soccer Association (RYSA) since he was eight years old.


Ayo Adebayo, from Rochester, Minnesota, has been playing local soccer since he was five years old. He played high school soccer for John Marshall High School, in addition to four years playing with Euro Soccer Club. Currently, he is a sophomore at Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa. Last season, Ayo co-led his team in goals scored.


Alexis Tahet, from France, comes to us from North Iowa Area Community College in Mason City, Iowa. Before coming to the United States, Alexis played two years for Chamois Niortais FC, a French academy in the 2nd division; one year for Jabac i Terrassa FC, a Spanish academy; and for Poire sur Vie FC Academy, 3rd division in France.


Off the pitch, what do you like to do for fun?
Jonny: “Off the pitch, I like spending time with my friends, going on hikes around town and finding cool, new places.”

Why did you start playing soccer?
Alexis: “When I was young I had a lot of energy. I would play soccer out on the street everyday so my parents finally decided to register me for a soccer team in my city. I went to one practice and really liked it, and I’ve never stopped playing since.”

Who or which team do you find your soccer inspiration?
Ayo: “Manchester United is my favorite pro club, and I think that amounts from the legacy they made under the management of Sir Alex Ferguson.”

What excites you the most about playing for Med City FC?
Jonny: “What excites me most about playing with Med City is the fact I’m playing in this city, which I grew up in and being able to do what I love here. Always wanted a team to be here and now that I’m on it, it’s a real blessing.”

Ayo: “Playing for Med City this summer is really exciting for many reasons. It gives me a chance not only to represent Rochester, where I’ve grown up all of my life, but also allows me to take my game to the next level while preparing for my upcoming college season.”

Alexis: “Coming to America it was my goal to join a team that would take my game to the next level. I can’t wait to practice with Coach Corey and the team to improve my skills. I am also excited to join a new group; I can’t wait to meet my new teammates. I would like to say thank you to Coach Corey for giving me the opportunity to join Med City FC.”

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