Med City FC Joins NPSL Expansion in the North Conference

Med City Football Club is an expansion franchise of the National Premier Soccer League (NPSL). Beginning with the 2017 season, Med City FC will play in the NPSL’s North Conference, which is one of three conferences in the league’s Midwest Region. The North Conference consists of teams in Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota and South Dakota.

In 2017, Med City FC will play a 14-game schedule, with seven home games and seven away games. The season will run from mid-May through mid-July, with playoffs to follow if the team should qualify.

“Med City FC”

Rochester, Minnesota has long held the nickname of the “Med City” due to the large role the medical field plays in all aspects of life here. From the world-class, world-famous Mayo Clinic to numerous medical-related companies and organizations derived from it, Rochester is a true medical destination for people from all over the globe.

We chose to name the team Med City FC not only because of that heritage, but also because there are other towns with the name Rochester, including another with an NPSL team. We felt that calling ourselves Med City FC would not only tie in well with fans in our area, but also differentiate us from that “other” Rochester team out of New York.

Logo and Colors

mcfc-200x300We truly want to build a community club, and that desire fueled our logo design and color choices. We have several outstanding youth clubs in the area, and we selected our colors so as not to match any particular youth club’s colors. We chose the green and blue colors to remind us of summer in southeast Minnesota, with the green a symbol of the lush beauty found in the trees we enjoy so much and the blue representing the sky above. We chose to have a representation of the Plummer Building, a part of the Mayo Clinic Rochester campus, because it is one of the iconic symbols of Rochester. The “2017” represents the year of the club’s birth and the soccer ball is a not-so-subtle reminder that we are, indeed, a soccer team!